Thursday, August 18, 2011

vacation to naxos ,you can stay in this hotel

We are going to vacation to naxos if that is what you want then this is very good for you .Naxos is one of the most beautiful islands within the South Aegean in Greece. With a long history and a natural environment that visitors to the Cyclades Islands rarely find. From the port and the Portara, part of the temple of Apollo, to the mainland with the well-preserved temple of Demeter and the Venetian Castles, Naxos is full of history that still lives and breathes the clean Aegean air.

Naxos island is considered to be among one of the favorite destinations for nature lovers and those who like to wander in the cedar tree forests unique in the Aegean Sea, located near Pyrgaki beach. At the same time Naxos has a lot of designated walking routes including parts of the mainland and the sea shores. It is here we find the beaches of Naxos - another great advantage of the island. Beaches with crystal blue waters, organized or untouched by the passage of time offering moments of pure sea pleasure, with a variety of sea activities which fill your days with fun on the beautiful beaches of Naxos.

Naxos island has also a rich historical interesting. Across the island visitors are able meet with the Cycladic culture, archaic temples and statues (the famous "kouros"), archaeological monuments, ancient and medieval castles (Antico Veneziano), Byzantine churches e.t.c.

As for the gourmet lovers Naxos has some unique food, full of taste. Famous and delicious cheeses, juicy meats, fine drinks and a range of unique traditional products make Naxos a unique culinary destination in the Aegean Sea.

Furthermore, Naxos is an island full of strong emotions and images. The best way to enjoy and feel everything is by staying in one of the harmonious luxurious hotel's on the island.

Visitors on the island should look for a luxury hotel that's located near the beach providing luxury accommodation and highest standard of services. Generally, hotels in the mainland of Naxos are not so well-known for their luxury facilities and their high quality accommodation.

A nice area to stay in Naxos, is the Pyrgaki beach, on the south side of the Island (19km from the town of Naxos). The unique cedar forest, the privacy and plenty of the activities near the beach of Pyrgaki, are just some of the highlights that make your staying in Naxos unique and unforgettable. Visitors can wander in nature with their bike embracing themselves with calmness and beautiful images.

For a luxurious, comfortable stay with all modern conveniences choose Finikas luxury hotel in Naxos, built in harmony with the natural environment and offering unique moments of relaxation. Finikas Hotel located on Pyrgaki Beach, is the only hotel in Naxos which is a member of Small Luxury hotels, a real hidden gem and will ensure that your stay in Naxos is a memorable one.

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